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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage can benefit all sorts of people! If you got an injury from a car collision or sports accident, therapeutic massage can help relieve pain and help you heal quickly and more effectively. It’s even beneficial for those who sit at the computer desk all day at work because it can alleviate tension that gets built up in your neck and shoulders. Plus, it can also benefit parents who are on their feet all day and even pregnant women! If you have injured, swollen, or stiff muscles, come to Dawn's Therapeutic Massage! Our therapeutic massages will have you feeling healed and rejuvenated. Our Swedish massage is perfect for total body relaxation, while our deep tissue massage is geared towards working out kinks and pains in tight and sore muscles. We have hot stone massages that relax your muscles, and we even have pregnancy massages to help pains specifically resulting from pregnancy. Call us today to find out more about all of our therapeutic massage services!

Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage is similar to the Swedish massage, but what makes it different is the amount of pressure used to knead the muscles. Deep tissue massages are as the name implies – deep. This massage targets the inner layers of your muscles, tissue, and tendons, using strong pressing and stroking movements in order to get deep into your core. At Dawn's Therapeutic Massage, we offer the best deep tissue massage treatments in Bridgeport, WV. Our masseuses have years of experience in various styles of massage, so you can trust us to release any tension you have held in your shoulders, neck, and back. If you let your massage therapist know where you have pain, they will specifically target those areas in order to help you heal and recover. This massage is great for those with sports injuries or more severe muscle pains. For more information about our deep tissue massage services, call us today!

Hot Stone Massage

As a part of our deep tissue massage treatments, we also offer hot stone massages! With this treatment, your masseuse will place hot stones on specific parts of your back that are causing you pain. Don’t worry, the stones are always at a soothing temperature, so they won’t burn your skin. The heat and weight of the stones relaxes the muscles, which allows the massage therapist to knead even deeper into the muscles without causing you pain or discomfort. In the end, you get a massage that warms, sooths, and relaxes you to your inner core! At Dawn's Therapeutic Massage, we offer our massage services at affordable rates so you never have to stress about the cost while you’re trying to relax. Our massage therapists are highly trained and have many years of experience in providing quality massage services. If you want to try a hot stone massage for yourself, give us a call!

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is what most people picture when they think about massages. What characterizes the Swedish massage is its focus on relaxation and the release of muscle tension. It is gentler than the deep tissue massage because it aims to calm your entire body. If you’re interested in getting a calming, tranquil Swedish massage, come to Dawn's Therapeutic Massage! We specialize in many different types of massage styles, but one we do best is the Swedish massage. During this massage, the massage therapist will use circular kneading movements and long strokes in order to release tension held in your back, shoulders, and neck. This massage is great for if you have tension in your back from sitting at the computer all day at work. Dawn's Therapeutic Massage will help relax you to your very core! To schedule an appointment for a Swedish massage, give us a call!

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can really take a toll on your body. There are various bodily pains that only arise during pregnancy. Luckily, we offer pregnancy massages here at Dawn's Therapeutic Massage to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. This massage is a form of prenatal care that helps to reduce stress and improve overall wellness. Pregnancy massage helps reduce symptoms commonly experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and swelling. If you’re looking to get a pregnancy massage, come to Dawn's Therapeutic Massage! Our massage therapists have many years of experience and can massage specific areas that are causing you pain. We offer affordable rates and a clean and comfortable atmosphere in order to keep you relaxed and refreshed while under our care. Call us today for more information about our pregnancy massage services.

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